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This Stunning Temple Was Carved Out Of A Single Rock – Nobody Knows How ‘The Builders’ Made It

Maharashtra, located in the west corner of India is the home to many mysterious caves and temples. The architecture of those historical monuments is yet to be identified. Archaeologists are always trying to dig some new findings in here. The researchers explore the Kailasa temple which has over 34 monasteries and covers an area of 2 km. This temple is about 98 feet in height and has a depth of 164 feet.

Such a marvellous structure was built by the prosperous King Krishna the first of the Rashtrakuta Dynasty. The temple is in the heart of the mountains,and the entrance is in the west. It is the worship place of Shiva,the creator as well as the destroyer of the Universe and Vishnu. The caricatures and the buildings were just made of a single rock of the mountain, without having a solid base, which confuses the scientists all the more. Years have passed by since the 8th century AD,and the temple stood just as it is enduring the constant attacks of the environment.

The extraordinary place was built within exact 18 years. According to the research, the worker did a 12-hour work every day and removed 60 tonnes of rock to perfectly shape and organise the whole area. Well, what kind of system or techniques they incorporated is still unknown in today’s world. It may be the next wonder after The Taj Mahal.

The entrance is bound by a beautiful two-storeyed building followed by a courtyard and at the boundary line stood massive buildings and beautiful sculptures. Individual sections are linked with staircases and bridges that are still so gorgeous to look. It is still a question that how people of that time had such massive ideas without the touch of any technology. It’s worth watching once!

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